Supply Chain is a key asset in WTI’s success. The two critical pillars to a successful supply chain are (a) product quality and (b) reliable delivery. In a chemical supply chain, product quality is defined by rigorous adherence to product specifications. No supplier can survive — let alone prosper — if their product quality is spotty. From its inception, the care and technical attention WTI extracts from its manufacturing network has formed the fountainhead of the company’s success and the core of what distinguishes it from most of its competitors.

WTI works closely with customers to define product quality standards before undertaking any development, thus avoiding the “target creep” that often results in bad feelings on all sides.

The close liaison between WTI’s in-house technical staff, its manufacturing network, and the client’s technical requirements not only permit the development and transfer of successful technology packages, but also establishes the required analytical and packaging protocols that assure sustainable product quality. To this end, the company maintains independent laboratories in China and the US that perform duplicate or extended analyses when and where required. The result is an unsurpassed record of product QA/QC reliability.

This system of internal quality checks and balances has helped the Company develop strong, long-lasting relationships with its customers while continuously improving and expanding its product line.

Supply Chain Security

  • Inspection and audits of raw material manufacturers from WTI’s large network of vendors across the globe
  • Transparent Operations
    • We encourage and support customer audits
    • Culture of continuous improvement
  • Rigorous analytical testing on all incoming raw materials
  • In process analytical “check points” built into manufacturing batch records