Wilshire Technologies offers a product line of value-focused, non-cGMP and cGMP, largely phytochemically-derived products that include custom manufacturing through a worldwide network of long-term CMO partners and strategic sourcing alliances.

All of Wilshire Technologies production capacity is contracted. Most of the non-cGMP and phytochemical extraction/purification work is performed at China & India. Almost all cGMP production is performed in the USA. Management believes that in the existing global marketplace, this model offers more advantages than disadvantages for the production of fine chemicals — existing technological expertise, flexible production windows, varying production capacities to cite but a few.

Many clients, even those with standing offices in China, recognize Wilshire Technologies’ extensive experience and deep networking within China — and India — and elect to purchase through WTI because it is a US company which imposes rigorous quality controls on its manufacturers, controls that many client are unable (or unwilling) to invest the effort to achieve.

In short, Wilshire Technologies provides added value by removing the risk and aggravation from their supply chain.