Using Nature to Build  solutions

Wilshire Technologies, an Evonik company, offers a diversified niche of value-focused products and services that includes a broad range of high-quality synthetic and natural products selected to serve the kilo-lab, pilot and commercial development requirements of the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and specialty chemicals industries.

An international network of manufacturing facilities permits both small-lot and commercial-scale cGMP, non-cGMP manufacturing through our corporate headquarters in Princeton, NJ, and further enhanced with the Evonik global network.

In more than 20 years of operation, the Company has established the reputation as a consistently dependable, client-friendly, fine chemical company with proven in-house technical expertise, an international manufacturing network that provides premium quality, value-added fine chemicals with rapid response times and a strong focus on sustainability through phytochemical platforms.

Well before mad-cow disease found its way into the medical and layman’s lexicon, WTI recognized the need to eliminate, where possible, animal-derived products from the supply chain requirements of the pharma- and cosmetic industries. Shortly after the recognition of BSE/TSE transmission to humans resulted from the consumption of animal-derived products, Wilshire Technologies introduced various bio-sustainable & plant-based products for pharma- and cosmetic industries.

Today, Wilshire Technologies is recognized as a major supplier of products based on renewable and non-animal-origin sources.